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Once again, I have neglected you, dear blog. I want to feel remorse because I thought this some how meant I care less about music. That is not the case. I have never been more in love.
Anyone who has kept up with my unkempt squabble since the late summer of 2009 knows that I quickly jump from interest to interest in a disorderly fashion. This is how I deal with life. This is how I discover what I need and what I can live without.
Each blog post on here is only a tiny glimpse of something I was once interested in. I may come back to that love. I may not. One thing I will no longer do is feel a deep nostalgic pain between my ribs when I remember my past. Reminiscence is a great healer and wonderful reminder to keep the body ticking, but nostalgia has no place in my mind. I don’t need it like I once thought I did. I don’t need to hold on to pain or happiness. Both will indefinitely be achieved again in moments to come.

That is my spiel. In other news, I have become obsessed with Queen in the last few months – more than I have ever been in the past – and wish to share this piece of sound with you.


Record. LP. Vinyl.

Dedicated to people searching for needles.

In the past few years I’ve become somewhat of a vinyl fanatic. I discovered my mom’s collection and grabbed a used turntable stereo to fulfil my obsession. Although it took us five months to locate a needle it was well worth the pain to lift the bugger! After playing around with the sound we realized the left speaker was out. :(. As any vinyl lover knows, the tracks are separate and usually play through different speakers. Some of the sound was lost. However, my mom and I continue to buy cheap used records at any chance we get. We are drawn to used records each time we enter an antique store.

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