Nick Bailey

I’m dedicating a full page to Nick Bailey.

The photo on my phone is Nick in the shirt I bought him for Christmas.

Sir has been a mentor and best friend of mine for this entire semester. Nick and I were acquaintances before I ever traveled to Memphis. We met through Facebook, dated last year, had our rough patch, and now appreciate each other immensely.

We are Journalism majors this semester and are coincidentally taking the same Media Writing course. We HATE that class! News writing lacks essence, but we know that our writing will improve and news writing is a skill that can help us with all other types of writing.

Nick is the reason I blog. He is my source for anything blog related and is the creator of my awesome header up there! Nick is a faithful blogger and offers nothing but advice. He’s currently working on a new blog that isn’t up yet, but I’ll let you know when it is. You can reach him here: Facebook

We share the same fears, similar passions and opinions in life.
I love this kid.


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