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Dedicated to these rappers.

If you know anything about either of these rappers, your mouth will drop.


“And I’ve, I’ve Never Been So Alive”

Dedicated to high school musicians everywhere.

I’ve been in a choir every year since fourth grade. Music was always around, and I was always involved. It felt like home to me.

Penn State York burned a bit of my fire when I found out it didn’t offer any musical classes. Transferring and leaving all the musical surroundings of Memphis was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. I sometimes regret it and feel that I left much of my musical muses in there… I felt free in Memphis. I was my master. Continue reading

Do you ever wonder why this music gets you high?

Dedicated to explosions, stars.

To be high is an interesting concept. The brain is interrupted by extreme physical, emotional and mental sensations. Everything feels better. “(It) takes you on a ride.”

There are tons of songs that get me high. The feeling is almost indescribable… Sometimes, I must move, I must dance. I have no control. Other times, most of my internal organs feel like they’re about to explode. However, the blended high is the supreme goal. Not every (high) song makes me want to dance. Not every (high) song makes my heart race. But when the two emotions meet, men cry! Continue reading

Friday is coming.

I can’t keep you out of my head. I keep putting out your candle as you walk with Farrah. I’ve got issues. I haven’t got you. I’m lost.


Cool song : Cool video

I’m very stressed because this is the last week of classes and finals are coming up soon, so I searched for “breathe”. This came up.