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My Funny Valentine

Dedicated to my wife, Eryn Spangler.

Eryn and I (She's Laverne, I'm Shirley.)

Let’s talk about sex. I had a lot of down time during this past week due to the snowstorms, so therefore, I watched too many morning talk shows with my mom. A lot of topics concerned love, but more concerned sex. Continue reading


Get a Boost!

Dedicated to Billy Blanks.

Playing frisbee with Lucy yesterday.

Classes have been cancelled for the past two days because of the immense amount of snow and blizzard conditions. Needless to say, I’ve been getting quite bored…I managed to finish my workout yesterday, and do Taebo and go sledding with my pooch today. (One of my dogs, Lucy, and I trekked through well over three feet of snow to make a bobsledding path. 🙂 ) All was not lost! Continue reading

6 Degrees – John Legend to 4 Non Blondes

Dedicated to Kevin Bacon.

Let’s play a game: Six Degrees of Separation. I first thought of this streaming idea when I wanted to compare Roberta Flack’s original “Where Is The Love?” to John Legend’s cover. This is what came from my personal inquiry.

John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae – “Where Is The Love?”

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Starbucks “Pick of the Week”

Dedicated to my Aunt Dee Dee for telling me about this discovery.

An earlier "Pick of the Week"

When one enters a Starbucks, music is always swirling. Calming sounds generate through the speakers as various CDs sit atop a rack, waiting for purchase. Starbucks supports indies and popular artists alike. The coffee chain also offers free “Pick of the Week” songs via iTunes redeemable code. Continue reading

Just Relax…

Dedicated to tranquility and the journey to finding it.

“Prelude” by John Legend

Come on and go with me
There’s something new for you to see
Come on and go with me
There’s something new for you to see
Just relax
Just relax

Symbol for Zen

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Songs About Coffee

Dedicated to the clouds in my coffee.

Coffee has been a symbol of energy for centuries. The caffeine in coffee beans is a natural pick-me-up. Coffee soothing. It brings people together in homes and public places alike.

Some prefer their coffee black, others prefer cream and sugar in a cup of joe. Coffee can be bitter, sweet, strong, or weak. The perfect cup depends on the drinker.

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Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep…

Lullabies are meant to sooth babies to sleep, but why shouldn’t an adult also enjoy a calming tune? I’ve compiled a list of songs that relaxes me after exercising and/or prepares for a night of dreams. Shape Magazine suggests a 45-minute cool down playlist is just as important as an upbeat cardio playlist. Mellow songs help to slow the body’s heart rate and relax the body after a workout. Continue reading