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Esperanza is coming!

Esperanza Spalding is performing in Lancaster, PA at Long’s Park Amphitheater on June 20th…FOR FREE! I encourage anyone who lives close to take the time on that Sunday evening to see this jazz prodigy. Here’s a sneak peak clip of her in 2008 on Jimmy Kimmel Live :

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HIMYM Musicality

Dedicated to Jess Arruda and Eryn Spangler, my fellow HIMYM-obsessed friends.

Jess Arruda introduced the sitcom How I Met Your Mother to me just three short years ago. I am now just as obsessed as she is :D. Click here to read a post from my other blog to fill you in on the background of the show. Today, I just want to show you the fabulous, hilarious music these talented actors and actresses have produced thus far.

“Let’s Go to the Mall” by Robin Sparkles (a.k.a Cobie Smulders):

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Dedicated to the band room rats.

Webradio services are becoming more and more popular as the price of music increases. Seldom do I listen to the car radio or webradio, but with the ease of Musicovery, I may start.

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Dedicated to LeAnna Simmons. I found this link on her Facebook page.

Esperanza Spalding is a new age jazz musician. The upright bass is her primary instrument, but she first learned the ways of oboe and clarinet before high school. She was also one of the youngest professors hired at Berklee College of Music immediately after she graduated college.

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Starbucks “Pick of the Week”

Dedicated to my Aunt Dee Dee for telling me about this discovery.

An earlier "Pick of the Week"

When one enters a Starbucks, music is always swirling. Calming sounds generate through the speakers as various CDs sit atop a rack, waiting for purchase. Starbucks supports indies and popular artists alike. The coffee chain also offers free “Pick of the Week” songs via iTunes redeemable code. Continue reading

Introducing Mom Jeans

Dedicated to Danny Masterson, the renaissance man.

DJ Mom Jeans is known to many as Danny Masterson, the aloof toker from That 70s Show. However, he is much more artistic than many people know.

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“Do what you love…”

Dedicated to the numerous panels of speakers I listened to during my Mass Communication class this semester. They always encouraged us to, “do what you love and happiness will follow.”

I LOVE Little Miss Sunshine. I bought this movie when I had the flu two months ago and proceeded to watch it about five times during the illness. I popped it in today and suddenly felt overwhelmed with inspiration. That movie makes me believe I can do anything I want as long as I’m doing what I love and being who I am.

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