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Mommy’s Day

Dedicated to my mom.

Nothing like a corny boy band writing the perfect song for mom!

I can’t really say anything except I love her with everything I am, and I’ve done everything in my life with her in mind. This song says it all.


My Funny Valentine

Dedicated to my wife, Eryn Spangler.

Eryn and I (She's Laverne, I'm Shirley.)

Let’s talk about sex. I had a lot of down time during this past week due to the snowstorms, so therefore, I watched too many morning talk shows with my mom. A lot of topics concerned love, but more concerned sex. Continue reading

The New Year

Dedicated to my friends who came over last night!

Last night I had a few friends over to ring in 2010. It was very low-key and relaxing, but also fun: nearly perfect.

Best friend and Me. Photo by Danielle Yagodich

Every hour on the hour we decided to listen to DMX. It started out with “Where the Hood At,” but as the night went on and we began to forget, we missed a few hours and used different DMX songs. We made it work nonetheless.

Our mix of rap helped too. 🙂

This video has virtually no relation to music except for the song playing in the background, but I wanted to share it because I think it’s a very creative way to start the new year’s resolutions: Continue reading

“Two days after Christmas”

Dedicated to my birthday!

Whenever anyone asks when my birthday is I always say, “Two days after Christmas.” 🙂 It’s become tradition.

My dad’s family is coming over today! And a few of my best friends are coming tonight : ))). I cannot wait! I haven’t seen my friends in foreeeeeeever! My mom made two cakes (!), one for the family and one with Michael Jackson feet for friends. I’ll bring pictures soon, via my new camera! Continue reading

Santa did come last night!

Dedicated to the world.

I can’t lie, Wham! is a guilty pleasure of mine. 🙂 I have their Make It Big album on cassette and love listening to it when I’m in the shower!

Here is Wham! bringing you Christmas joy 1984 style:

Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dedicated to my Dad. 🙂

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and for the first time in 19 years, I won’t be able to see him. Grrrrr…finals…

Last Christmas with the girls

When I think of the music Dad likes, three subjects come to mind: U2’s Joshua Tree, the blues, and “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina. Continue reading

Turkey for me, and Turkey for you!

A 1927 helium balloon, the first year balloons were used.

Dedicated to my family.

Like many people across the globe, I’m currently watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I was excited to see a Spongebob balloon celebrating its 10th anniversary, various Broadway musical excerpts, the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and the cast of Sesame Street happily celebrating its 40th anniversary. This is a tradition 85 years in the making. Continue reading