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Spring Break

Spring Break started at 1:10 p.m. for me. I am still sitting in my apartment waiting for my lovely boyfriend (Facebook boyfriend, that is) to pick me up. I’m listening to Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt and it makes me think of my childhood. I swear I am the most nostalgic person I know. What ever happened to No Doubt?? Reggae rock needs to make a come back. Just wanted to put that out there. 🙂

Happy break, lovers.


Fall Cleaning

(I wrote this first part in September.)

From time to time I delete songs from my iTunes, whether they are doubles, unknown or never played. Almost reaching a 15,000-song made me realize having 55+ GB of space used up can’t be too healthy for my Mac’s hard drive. In today’s rampage, I found a few songs that brought a nostalgic feeling.

Fall is my favorite season, yet, I often feel nostalgic or even melancholy when the leaves begin to change colors and the wind pursues the branches. It’s tough to think about last fall; it’s even more tough to think about the fall when I started 6th grade. Each fall reminds me of Michael Jackson, Memphis, love and beginning. It’s strange, but I enjoy the heartache fall brings. Continue reading

One At A Time

Dedicated to brilliant minds.

I’m a sucker for finding new music through The “suggestions” sidebar on the right side is a useful little feature not only for discovering similar music artists, but for tracking down comedic videos you forgot the name of. I wish there were a simple feature such as this when it came to making friends or networking. 😛

Facebook also features advertisements on the right sidebar based on one’s likes, interests and pages. It just so happens that John Legend and The Roots have a new album entitled “Wake Up!” Continue reading

I’m Baaaaaaack!

Dedicated to Professor Jo Dumas. She shared her wise words with me to lift my morale.

My apologies go out to the blog world I’ve neglected in the past month and a half! Now, back to business…

I’ve spent the last four weeks in State College. There have been very low points and very high points, but I finally made it through a steady week (last week); and let me tell you, that feels fabulous. Continue reading

Like 4-3-2

I’ve been thinking about this song a lot. The melody. The message. The feeling. The acoustics. It flows perfectly, one of those songs that doesn’t need explaining. Please take a listen whenever you’re feeling glum and I promise you will feel an instant lift. 🙂

“If you’re tossin’ and you’re turnin’ and you just can’t fall asleep, I’ll sing a song beside you.”

“And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday I will remind you.”

I hope all my friends know this. I do not tell them how much I love them all as often as I should. So here it is! 😀

Bruno’s Voice = love

Dedicated to his voice.

The only thing I knew about Bruno Mars was that he is featured in B.o.b.’s song “Nothing On You”. I liked his voice from the start, but today I discovered much more.

I guess the fact that I do not watch MTv or VH1 contributes to my lack of “popular” musical knowledge, therefore, I had no idea Mars was also featured in Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” song. Oh, Mars also plays guitar. 🙂 Continue reading

Lyrics of the Week – Week 41

Dedicated to nature.

“Nature” by India Arie

I know
Oh, Oh Yeah

Hey baby
Why you rushing
Let’s sit back and watch the flowers grow
Why you want
To swim against the tide
Let’s lay and watch the river flow
Continue reading