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Bruno’s Voice = love

Dedicated to his voice.

The only thing I knew about Bruno Mars was that he is featured in B.o.b.’s song “Nothing On You”. I liked his voice from the start, but today I discovered much more.

I guess the fact that I do not watch MTv or VH1 contributes to my lack of “popular” musical knowledge, therefore, I had no idea Mars was also featured in Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” song. Oh, Mars also plays guitar. 🙂 Continue reading



Dedicated to my new playlist of relaxation.

I think this week marks the most productive and satisfying week of my life: Continue reading

Just Dance!

Dedicated to anybody who randomly breaks out favorite moves.

There’s a reason sitcoms have survived the last 60 years; And there’s also a reason Nick At Night and TV Land show reruns of the great sitcoms America has seen:

Sitcoms are universal. They create real-life scenarios. They don’t skim over the important scenes, but they highlight all the funny scenes. I Love Lucy was used as an escape from war and troubles. During the Korean War, laughing was acceptable when a sitcom was on.

I’ve found clips from five great sitcoms (in my opinion) to share with you. Dance was on my mind at the time, thus they are all dance clips. They brightened my day and I hope they do the same for you! Enjoy!

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