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Esperanza is coming!

Esperanza Spalding is performing in Lancaster, PA at Long’s Park Amphitheater on June 20th…FOR FREE! I encourage anyone who lives close to take the time on that Sunday evening to see this jazz prodigy. Here’s a sneak peak clip of her in 2008 on Jimmy Kimmel Live :

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Hope for Haiti Now

Dedicated to the people of Haiti and all those effected.

As I sit down to watch the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, I cannot fathom the devastation.

Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris just got finished singing a beautiful arrangement of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

Horrible Singers; Popularity Contests

Dedicated to all the altos who bit their tongues yesterday.

(I will refrain from using names, places, etc.)

Let me just say I’m rather disturbed by the soloist my school’s choir is backing. We’ve been practicing with her since Wednesday and still have one more concert tonight. Continue reading


Dedicated to my new playlist of relaxation.

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Soul Soak

Dedicated to my father, a fellow lover of Susan Tedeschi.

One the greatest perks of going to school in Memphis is the Beale Street Festival at the end of the year in May. (I’ll miss it next year…) The 2009 lineup was superb. Susan Tedeschi was and is still my favorite performance of the festival. She makes my heart jump as her genuine soul emerges in every beat.

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi perform together at Soul Stew Revival '08

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The one time MUTEing is acceptable.

Dedicated to my best friend for introducing this magic to me. 🙂

My best friend, Eryn Spangler, was raving about the band Mute Math after she had the chance to see them in Pennsylvania about a month ago. She compared the lead vocalist to Freddy Mercury and explained that we have to see them when I come home. Continue reading


Dedicated to Cindy Crouse for sharing this video with me.

As any University of Memphis student would know, there was downpour just short of a monsoon today. Rain boots were out, umbrellas up.

I neglected to look out my window this morning. The weather widget on my Mac always informs me of the current goings-on in the skies, but no illustration of rain appeared in the early morning. The rain picked up as I drove to campus…

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