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Lyrics of the Week – Week 41

Dedicated to nature.

“Nature” by India Arie

I know
Oh, Oh Yeah

Hey baby
Why you rushing
Let’s sit back and watch the flowers grow
Why you want
To swim against the tide
Let’s lay and watch the river flow
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“I love you, most ardently.”

Dedicated to Chelsea, who also loves this movie.

Each time I watch Pride and Prejudice I am bewitched by the score. Well, the whole movie is quite…eh…moving! Whenever Mr. Darcy swallows his pride and admits his love for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, my heart becomes anxious.

There is one particular scene that always excites me with each viewing: Mr. Darcy finds Miss Bennet, during a rainstorm, and professes his love for her. Unfortunately, Miss Bennet is upset at the fact that he separated Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet. Mr. Darcy thought Miss Jane Bennet didn’t love Mr. Bingley as much as Mr. Bingley loved her because she is quiet, but we know that is not so. After the hailing insults, there is a brief moment in which they almost kiss. The song playing before they meet is almost alluring.


Dedicated to the person who continually encourages me when I come to him.

Why do women cry at the drop of a hat…most women anyway? I swear, this Ben Harper song is an instant tear jerker for me. It’s not about sadness whatsoever. It makes me feel alive, happy, golden.

I continue break myself down routinely. It’s a hard habit to break… My boyfriend reminds me of my passionate, beautiful soul each time I have an episode. The thing is, I completely believe him. I believe in myself completely. What then, is the reason for my ongoing mental massacre I perform on myself?

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Little Voices

Dedicated to this little girl.

Somebody posted this on Facebook a few days ago. This has to be the cutest video I have seen in a very long time:

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I am Reptar, hear me roar!

Dedicated to people my age who sweat 90s Nickelodeon cartoons.

I went to my best friend Eryn’s house last night because I won’t be able to visit her this weekend. Throughout the night we listened to random music whenever the mood hit. I started singing what I thought was part of a Busta Rhymes song when I remembered he recorded a song on The Rugrats Movie soundtrack. I started “On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go!”  and began acting like Reptar, the dinosaur hero character from the show. Continue reading

Get a Boost!

Dedicated to Billy Blanks.

Playing frisbee with Lucy yesterday.

Classes have been cancelled for the past two days because of the immense amount of snow and blizzard conditions. Needless to say, I’ve been getting quite bored…I managed to finish my workout yesterday, and do Taebo and go sledding with my pooch today. (One of my dogs, Lucy, and I trekked through well over three feet of snow to make a bobsledding path. 🙂 ) All was not lost! Continue reading

Goose Pimples

Dedicated to Eva Cassidy, who is more famous in death.

Think about a song you are captivated by.
Think about your favorite seconds of the song.
Think about what that moment does to your insides.

In just about every song I’m deeply fond of, there is a climax (usually the bridge or an embellishment) that pulls me. I yearn for that peak in hearing the first few seconds of song. It makes me nervous, anxious.

This is the song that comes to mind. Eva Cassidy singing “Over the Rainbow” at Blues Alley in 1996: Continue reading