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Once again, I have neglected you, dear blog. I want to feel remorse because I thought this some how meant I care less about music. That is not the case. I have never been more in love.
Anyone who has kept up with my unkempt squabble since the late summer of 2009 knows that I quickly jump from interest to interest in a disorderly fashion. This is how I deal with life. This is how I discover what I need and what I can live without.
Each blog post on here is only a tiny glimpse of something I was once interested in. I may come back to that love. I may not. One thing I will no longer do is feel a deep nostalgic pain between my ribs when I remember my past. Reminiscence is a great healer and wonderful reminder to keep the body ticking, but nostalgia has no place in my mind. I don’t need it like I once thought I did. I don’t need to hold on to pain or happiness. Both will indefinitely be achieved again in moments to come.

That is my spiel. In other news, I have become obsessed with Queen in the last few months – more than I have ever been in the past – and wish to share this piece of sound with you.


One At A Time

Dedicated to brilliant minds.

I’m a sucker for finding new music through The “suggestions” sidebar on the right side is a useful little feature not only for discovering similar music artists, but for tracking down comedic videos you forgot the name of. I wish there were a simple feature such as this when it came to making friends or networking. 😛

Facebook also features advertisements on the right sidebar based on one’s likes, interests and pages. It just so happens that John Legend and The Roots have a new album entitled “Wake Up!” Continue reading

Like 4-3-2

I’ve been thinking about this song a lot. The melody. The message. The feeling. The acoustics. It flows perfectly, one of those songs that doesn’t need explaining. Please take a listen whenever you’re feeling glum and I promise you will feel an instant lift. 🙂

“If you’re tossin’ and you’re turnin’ and you just can’t fall asleep, I’ll sing a song beside you.”

“And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday I will remind you.”

I hope all my friends know this. I do not tell them how much I love them all as often as I should. So here it is! 😀

Bruno’s Voice = love

Dedicated to his voice.

The only thing I knew about Bruno Mars was that he is featured in B.o.b.’s song “Nothing On You”. I liked his voice from the start, but today I discovered much more.

I guess the fact that I do not watch MTv or VH1 contributes to my lack of “popular” musical knowledge, therefore, I had no idea Mars was also featured in Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” song. Oh, Mars also plays guitar. 🙂 Continue reading

Esperanza is coming!

Esperanza Spalding is performing in Lancaster, PA at Long’s Park Amphitheater on June 20th…FOR FREE! I encourage anyone who lives close to take the time on that Sunday evening to see this jazz prodigy. Here’s a sneak peak clip of her in 2008 on Jimmy Kimmel Live :

Continue reading

LOtUSFLOW3R Reception

Dedicated to Ping. He gave this album to me and I KNOW he understands what I’m saying.

I just read and watched a video of two guys tearing Prince apart for his work on his studio album LOtUSFLOW3R. Maybe I’m too true to the artists I like and everyone critiques, but this was just plain rude!

They ripped into Prince because he used autotune on some of the tracks. First of all, using autotune does not mean the artist cannot sing; It means that the artist wants a new sound. For instance, T-Pain is famous for using the autotune, and that is his sound. However, I feel Kanye West used it more artistically on his 808s & Heartbreak album. Prince uses the device as West did. Continue reading


My best friend Eryn always sings the phrase “this is it!” in a strange voice whenever the Michael Jackson movie is discussed. I always thought she was being funny in relation to Michael’s song, but I was wrong! Yesterday she said it once more. When I told her that’s not how it goes (like I always say), she informed me that she was singing the other song. “THE OTHER SONG!?!?!” I was beyond confused, but very pleased to learn that Huey Lewis and the News wrote a song by the same title. I love a good musicovery!

Ironically, I’ve heard the Huey Lewis song before, but never put two and two together. 🙂 Welcome to the inside of my brain.