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LOtUSFLOW3R Reception

Dedicated to Ping. He gave this album to me and I KNOW he understands what I’m saying.

I just read and watched a video of two guys tearing Prince apart for his work on his studio album LOtUSFLOW3R. Maybe I’m too true to the artists I like and everyone critiques, but this was just plain rude!

They ripped into Prince because he used autotune on some of the tracks. First of all, using autotune does not mean the artist cannot sing; It means that the artist wants a new sound. For instance, T-Pain is famous for using the autotune, and that is his sound. However, I feel Kanye West used it more artistically on his 808s & Heartbreak album. Prince uses the device as West did. Continue reading



Dedicated to the person who continually encourages me when I come to him.

Why do women cry at the drop of a hat…most women anyway? I swear, this Ben Harper song is an instant tear jerker for me. It’s not about sadness whatsoever. It makes me feel alive, happy, golden.

I continue break myself down routinely. It’s a hard habit to break… My boyfriend reminds me of my passionate, beautiful soul each time I have an episode. The thing is, I completely believe him. I believe in myself completely. What then, is the reason for my ongoing mental massacre I perform on myself?

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MF Doom “takes” Hall & Oates!

Dedicated to Nick Bailey.

I just made a mind-blowing discovery!

A few months ago Nick Bailey gave me MF Doom’s Special Herbs collection of albums (minus the 5&6 album).The five-album set is basically an accumulation of beats. It’s very relaxing. It’s hip-hop, jazz, pop, ambient and anything else you can think of. I’ve been listening to the albums since last night when I decided to rearrange the furniture in my room. I’m almost to 7&8! The very last song of 3&4 is called “Hyssop”. When I heard it, my mind hole blew!

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Hip, Hip-Hop, Hiphopanonymous

Dedicated to indie musicians.

I hung out with some new people tonight who inspired me to dive into hip-hop a little deeper. I went to a mixtape release party for Young Tres & DJ Spaceage‘s new album The Art of Dreaming with my good friend Nick Bailey at R.sole, a fly shoe store. These are true Memphis musicians. Freestyling in the parking lot made the night. Continue reading

Record. LP. Vinyl.

Dedicated to people searching for needles.

In the past few years I’ve become somewhat of a vinyl fanatic. I discovered my mom’s collection and grabbed a used turntable stereo to fulfil my obsession. Although it took us five months to locate a needle it was well worth the pain to lift the bugger! After playing around with the sound we realized the left speaker was out. :(. As any vinyl lover knows, the tracks are separate and usually play through different speakers. Some of the sound was lost. However, my mom and I continue to buy cheap used records at any chance we get. We are drawn to used records each time we enter an antique store.

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White Lies For Dark Times

Dedicated to Freddie Mercury. Just because…he’s a god.

Two weeks ago I acquired twenty dollars and was coincidentally in the mood to buy a new album. (At least, new to me.) Ben Harper popped into my head because I had just uploaded a personal video from his Memphis In May 2009 performance (seen below).

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The Album is NOT Dead.

The album is alive and well.
The album is alive and well.

Dedicated to Kurt Clayton, who further ignited my interest in music business.

Since June 25th, 2009 when tragedy struck the most famous music man of the last forty years, album sales have skyrocketed. Given the current circumstances, the top three returning albums were Michael Jackson’s “Number Ones,” The Essential Michael Jackson,” and “Thriller” (New York Post). It seems as though the world is just now realizing the genius that was Michael Jackson. Continue reading