Fall Cleaning

(I wrote this first part in September.)

From time to time I delete songs from my iTunes, whether they are doubles, unknown or never played. Almost reaching a 15,000-song made me realize having 55+ GB of space used up can’t be too healthy for my Mac’s hard drive. In today’s rampage, I found a few songs that brought a nostalgic feeling.

Fall is my favorite season, yet, I often feel nostalgic or even melancholy when the leaves begin to change colors and the wind pursues the branches. It’s tough to think about last fall; it’s even more tough to think about the fall when I started 6th grade. Each fall reminds me of Michael Jackson, Memphis, love and beginning. It’s strange, but I enjoy the heartache fall brings.

Anyway, my song-destroying frenzy lead me to a library of lost songs. I said goodbye to almost 4,000 songs. Anything marked “Track 1” – or any other number – had to go. Doubles were finally deleted, as well as songs that I had never heard of or knew I wouldn’t miss.

(I wrote this today.)

Because of the few I’ve added this semester, I’m up to 10,941 songs. 46.9 GB are needed to house these files. That would mean I need at least a 64 GB iPod with only a little room to spare. And a good portion of the newly added are huge sound files of interviews I did for a reporting class. My life became a tad less revolved around music this semester. This is not good!


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