One At A Time

Dedicated to brilliant minds.

I’m a sucker for finding new music through The “suggestions” sidebar on the right side is a useful little feature not only for discovering similar music artists, but for tracking down comedic videos you forgot the name of. I wish there were a simple feature such as this when it came to making friends or networking. šŸ˜›

Facebook also features advertisements on the right sidebar based on one’s likes, interests and pages. It just so happens that John Legend and The Roots have a new album entitled “Wake Up!” (For those of you who are unaware, The Roots is the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.) The album was released this past Tuesday – the standard day for music releases. As a John Legend buff, I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing about the release or even the collaboration. I did, however, preview the tracks on iTunes and was very pleased with the output. Most of the lyric content focuses on provoking people to “wake up!” and notice that the world cannot progress as a whole if we don’t take hands. And, in classic John Legend style, the artists produced a neo-soul style with elements of funk and rock as well.

The search started after I previewed a few tracks on iTunes. A full song listening session was essential to get the full effect and ultimately decide if this album is worth buying. (Who am I kidding, I always buy Legend’s albums!) After a few video views of “Wake Up!” tracks, I noticed a Travie McCoy song in the “suggestions” sidebar. I didn’t need much persuasion, as I love McCoy’s solo music and the art he produced with Gym Class Heroes. Click! “One at a Time” is just the song I needed to improve my mood. Let it brighten your day:

Did you like that? Maybe rap is not for you, but you cannot deny the wisdom of the provoking lyrics. I’m very pleased with the angle most musicians have been taking with their lyric content lately. Sexual content is still prevalent, but many are concerned with worldly issues that effect us all. Critics may think it’s merely a commercial marketing ploy, but honestly, I do not care! No one should care about that when the content is finally positive across (most of) the music board!

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