I’m Baaaaaaack!

Dedicated to Professor Jo Dumas. She shared her wise words with me to lift my morale.

My apologies go out to the blog world I’ve neglected in the past month and a half! Now, back to business…

I’ve spent the last four weeks in State College. There have been very low points and very high points, but I finally made it through a steady week (last week); and let me tell you, that feels fabulous.

I joined Pillar, a THON organization, and I love it! (For those of you who don’t know what THON is, it’s a 46-hour Dance-A-Thon that benefits the Four Diamond Fund to help beat pediatric cancer. It was started at Penn State in 1973. Money raised goes directly to those families with children who have cancer so that they don’t have to worry about financial issues during their fight against cancer.) The group members are relaxed and truly believe in what they do.

On a sad note, I read last week that Rich Cronin, former LFO lead singer, died of leukemia last Wednesday night. 😦 Rest in peace, Rich.

I’ve  joined a student-run magazine, FLY; It focuses on empowering women. And can’t forget the Eco-Action club I plan to join! Go green!

Today, I attended an information meeting on joining the Business Division of The Daily Collegian newspaper. After the interview next week, I hope to start training for the Creative Division or the Customer Service Division. Wish me luck!

Besides going to the B.o.b and Travie McCoy concert two weeks ago, I have yet to get involved with music on or off campus…but I did meet a new friend – Matt Weaver – who is a Music Education major! There is still hope. 🙂


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