“And I’ve, I’ve Never Been So Alive”

Dedicated to high school musicians everywhere.

I’ve been in a choir every year since fourth grade. Music was always around, and I was always involved. It felt like home to me.

Penn State York burned a bit of my fire when I found out it didn’t offer any musical classes. Transferring and leaving all the musical surroundings of Memphis was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. I sometimes regret it and feel that I left much of my musical muses in there… I felt free in Memphis. I was my master. I would dance in my room like no one had ever seen. I could blast music and release a million endorphins all at once. It was a secret heaven in that apartment, but something snapped in me that semester and I could not muster the strength to keep fooling myself into staying.

I chose my own sanity over music. Was that right? I think it was, this time anyway.

Society still considers musicians involved in high school bands and choirs “nerdy”. Band Nerd. Choir Freak. I still can’t understand this. Why is an athlete more accepted by others than a musician? Athletes possess physical strength and agility associated with the body, as well as extreme discipline. Musicians possess high lung capacity (depending on the instrument), statistically high academic standing, and a talent they can literally perform up until the day they die. Neither  hobby is better than the other; Both should be incorporated in the lives of young people as early as possible. Although, it’s never too late to get involved.

Photo Credit: Apples Love Music


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