LOtUSFLOW3R Reception

Dedicated to Ping. He gave this album to me and I KNOW he understands what I’m saying.

I just read and watched a video of two guys tearing Prince apart for his work on his studio album LOtUSFLOW3R. Maybe I’m too true to the artists I like and everyone critiques, but this was just plain rude!

They ripped into Prince because he used autotune on some of the tracks. First of all, using autotune does not mean the artist cannot sing; It means that the artist wants a new sound. For instance, T-Pain is famous for using the autotune, and that is his sound. However, I feel Kanye West used it more artistically on his 808s & Heartbreak album. Prince uses the device as West did.

They also complained that the second CD on the album, MPLSoUND, was originally supposed to sound more like his older albums, and they thought it didn’t. They disapproved the track “Chocolate Box” because of the corny lyrics: “What the fuck that got to do with anything? R&B is definitely dead!” To say R&B is dead is a rich statement. Are they listening to all the music out there right now?!? And actually, “Chocolate Box” sounds very similar to “Thunder” from the 1991 Diamonds and Pearls album. Sorry, “critics”.

Maybe they should try listening to jazz or funk underground music. THAT music is directly related to R&B! Esperanza Spalding is an amazing jazz bassist/singer. I realize the following video is a cover of “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder, but no one can say she doesn’t incorporate an R&B style AS WELL as a jazz style.

I hate the radio. I agree THAT music is primarily produced and overplayed for a business purpose and not for the love of music. It is rare that someone comes along with good music and a high rating on the Pop Charts. So, don’t make rude general statements without knowing more about independent music that is not on top.

This “From the Lotus” track is different. It’s exactly what the industry needs:

Disclaimer: I refuse to release the video of the two “critics” for privacy.

Photo Credit: LOtUSFLOW3R


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