“I love you, most ardently.”

Dedicated to Chelsea, who also loves this movie.

Each time I watch Pride and Prejudice I am bewitched by the score. Well, the whole movie is quite…eh…moving! Whenever Mr. Darcy swallows his pride and admits his love for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, my heart becomes anxious.

There is one particular scene that always excites me with each viewing: Mr. Darcy finds Miss Bennet, during a rainstorm, and professes his love for her. Unfortunately, Miss Bennet is upset at the fact that he separated Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet. Mr. Darcy thought Miss Jane Bennet didn’t love Mr. Bingley as much as Mr. Bingley loved her because she is quiet, but we know that is not so. After the hailing insults, there is a brief moment in which they almost kiss. The song playing before they meet is almost alluring.


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