Words of Wisdom

Dedicated to Bob.

While Eryn was rediscovering our Xanga blogs, I was rediscovering my Bob Dylan Inspirations book. It basically consists of a random assortment of his quotes. Some are philosophical, some are funny, some are just plain heartfelt. Enjoy my favorites!

“I am my words.”

“Truth is chaos. Maybe beauty is chaos.”

“Who cares about tomorrow and yesterday? People don’t live there, they live now.”

“The less hair on the head, the more hair inside. I let my hair grow long to be wise and free to think.”

“When I get involved in something, I get totally involved. I don’t just play around on the fringes.”

“We all like motorcycles to some degree.”

“You fail only when you let death creep in and take over a part of your life that should be alive.”

“The worst times of my life were when I tried to find something in the past.”

“We all want to stop time.”

It’s easy to see why I like Bob Dylan so much. The man is simple. He wasn’t looking to change the world or start any kind of revolution. He was simply there, playing his guitar and saying what he felt.

I wish I could say that about every musician. There is too much fake music in the world. I see through it.

Photo Credit: Bob


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