Lyrics of the Week – Week 31

Dedicated to “sharks”. My first music business major told our class to be “sharks”.

“Butterfly” by Susan Tedeschi

If I was a butterfly, could I ever soar this high,
Out of the atmosphere with no space or time?
When you take time to notice now,
When you stop and lend a hand,
Oh, your soul will feel so much better.
It was always there.

It seems just like yesterday
I was on my way down,
Till darkness left my soul as soon as you came around.
Oh Lord, oh yes.
When you stop and take notice now,
When you come and lend a hand now,
All things will feel so much better,
All around.

Blues has been my favorite genre for a long time. I don’t publicize it often, plus I couldn’t name off various blues artists. However, my love of the blues was one of the main reasons I decided to go to school in Memphis. (Little did I know that the city is not all about the blues, or music…) There is something about hearing live blues that grabs my soul, everting it in a beautiful sense.

I almost chose Tedeschi’s “Back to the River” for this post. She sang it when I saw her at the Beale Street Music Festival, in the rain, right beside the Mississippi River. Wow. I crave those magic moments. Although, “Butterfly” is a better theme for my week, or semester actually. This semester has been about time. I’m at a transition in my life: transferring to a different college, learning more about myself, being back at home… I owe a lot to an amazing person who stepped into my life this semester. As much as we both complain about yoga, we wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for that class. We started officially dating on February 20th, about a week ago. He’s honestly the most caring person I’ve ever met. I question us, I have fear, because I’ve never been treated so nicely. I’m not used to this sort of love, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Sorry Memphis, but I’m glad I left you.

Photo Credit: Tedeschi


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