8 months

Dedicated to fall 2001, when I first fell in love with you; I think about it often.

Well, it’s been eight months since June 25th, 2009. (If you haven’t taken notice, I try to commemorate Michael Jackson on the 25th of each month, though I’ve missed a few.) There isn’t a day I don’t think about him. I like it that way though.

Whenever I listen to a certain Michael Jackson album, it takes me to a specific time of (or specific person in) my life:

  • Invincible represents when I first fell in love with him, during the fall of my 6th grade school year (2001). This album came out when I was discovering his magic. I dressed as him for two Halloween parties and Halloween night, got made fun of for wearing one glove, and danced on our living room coffee table (because it was wood and I could slide on it with my socks) when no one else was home. I’ve never felt as much immediate passion for anyone before or since (well, maybe since…).
  • Blood on the Dance Floor takes me to when I first received the album as a gift from my best friend, Eryn. I didn’t own it for about two years into my obsession, but Eryn looked everywhere for it. 🙂 I don’t remember anything else I received for my birthday that year. (This also reminds me of the song “Morphine” because after he died, the media was trying to connect the lyrics to his prescription drug addiction.)
  • History (disc 2) was the first album of his I ever owned. (Technically, my mom owned it.) I always recall singing “They Don’t Care About Us” in my parents shower because their bathroom had better acoustics than mine. I still remember listening to disc 1 in our old Previa, booming with excitement because I not only knew the songs, but loved everything I heard.
  • Dangerous reminds me of the time when I visited my Gram’s house (probably circa 2002) and spent two full nights in her room, listening to the album on my Sony Walkman CD player and memorizing the lyrics from the album booklet. I miss moments like those. I was so young. Also around the same time, I recorded myself singing many of the songs on this album with an old tape recorder.
  • Bad makes me think of the first few months of my sophomore year in Memphis; I listened to this album almost every day because I was lonely. I also watched the full version of the Bad short film, which I haven’t seen in years. The Yokohama concert from the Bad tour is, in my opinion, the best concert of his ever recorded. I learned so much that (last) fall.
  • Thriller makes me think of Eryn, her mom, Bena, and Bena’s sister, Rebbie. During the Myers family 2001 New Year’s Eve party, they came over, we blasted Thriller hits and watched the short films in my living room, while most of my parents’ friends stared and some danced. This is one of the main reasons I love black people, this moment. This moment made me feel really close to them (as corny as that sounds).
  • Off the Wall is my favorite studio album of his. It’s pure, young, rare and funky! As I’ve said previously, I can listen to the entire album straight through, without getting bored. My favorite song is and has been “I Can’t Help It” for awhile now. This album is the album I associate my friend Ping Mccuthison with. He’s the only person I personally know who understands. I have faith that I can talk to him about Michael at any given moment and he won’t get angry or bored. NO ONE else is like that as far as I’m concerned.

I’m sorry if it offends you, but I love him.

Photo Credit: Michael with birds


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