Dedicated to Chris.

A lot of people may think Chris Brown no longer deserves our respect. I think differently. He made a mistake; He’s apologized to just about everyone who deserves an apology. He’s working toward improving himself. What more could he do to undo his wrong?

There are several songs on his new album that seem to address Rihanna personally. (That’s right, Chris released an album in early December. Apparently it didn’t perform as well as he’d hoped…) I’ve always had a soft spot for him since my senior year of high school, and so, one slip has not ruined my appreciation of his music. I know he was wrong to assault his girlfriend, but I deeply believe that every person deserves a chance to better himself or herself. This same belief applies to the Tiger Woods incident and the Michael Vick case.

Here is an excerpt from his “So Cold” song and his “Crawl” music video:

“So Cold” by Chris Brown

If you ever see her
If you ever meet her
If you ever get a chance to sit down and talk to her
Then tell her it’s so cold
It’s so cold, it’s so cold
Here without her
And tell her I miss her
Tell her I need her
Tell her I want her
I really want her to come back home, back to keep me warm
Tell her I’m sorry, I’m really sorry
Can you forgive me?
Please forgive me
And come back home, keep me safe and warm

Now my baby’s really gone
I don’t know if she’s coming home
My luck’s up, I fucked up
I know
Tell me what to do to get her back
Back where her heart belongs, been gone from me too long

I held only one grudge in my life. Two years ago someone who I had recently dated made a very insulting comment concerning my singing ability. He compared me to another girl who I shared a petite competition with. And his comment was likely out of spite because of our separation. We didn’t talk for over a year. He eventually apologized last semester. Honestly, I’m confused and upset with myself for not forgiving him first. I withdrew from a great person for far too long.

I realize this doesn’t compare to the degree of Chris’s situation, but it’s all I have to compare. Forgiveness is worth much more than hatred or vengeance. I learned this from a book I bought last semester when I was battling various emotions. As simple and cliche as it sounds, we must learn to “let it be” sometimes.

Practice forgiveness with those you don’t know and in return you’ll learn to easily forgive those you do know.


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