Lyrics of the Week – Week 26

Dedicated to people who listen further than top 100 hits.

“City High Anthem” by City High

They just gave up on our entire generation.
So we were all pushed to the side cause we didn’t see the world through our teachers’ eyes.
And all we needed was a little bit of motivation,
But because we wore our pants saggin’ y’all labelled us gangstas
And said we wasn’t worth the time.

There are so many things I never asked you.
There are so many things I still dont know.
There are so many things you never told me,
And still so many things that will never know,
And why? Cause I went to City High.

A school with more dropouts than sign-ups at registration,
Mmmm yea, and the pregnancy rate is at an all time high (we all know why).
Now you would think the classroom’s the place for mental stimulation,
But there’s some brothas outside sellin’ that stuff that’ll really stimulate
your mind (talkin bout gettin high).

There are so many things you never showed me.
There are too many things you let slip by.
How can I face a world that doesn’t know me?
A world that doesn’t care whether I live or die,
And why? Cause I go to City High.

So, We don’t need your education,
We don’t want no pacifier.
We are the leaders of your nation,
We’re gonna make sure the world survives.
There ain’t no justice there’s just us.
What happened to the meaning of “in God we trust”?
So as we get older and our children grow up
We ain’t gonna teach them what y’all showed us.

There’s too many babies dyin’ before they’re born (Lord ain’t that the truth).
Too many young ladies cryin’ with a daddy in the house but not a father in the home (now y’all know there’s a difference).
And what about all our young soldiers being led astray (by this negative music)?
What happened to the Isaac Hayes, and the Curtis Mayfield’s and all the Marvin
Man, we really need ’em today.

And there were so many things that needed explaining,
But you said it was too late for me to learn.
You were suppose to be my shelter when it was rainin’,
But instead you left me out here all alone, so I gotta make it on my own.


For people who did believe, what we could do to change our future, you knew the world was in our hands.
Help build them strong so they can withstand,
All the pressures, all the war, all the prejudice,
And the others who were sure we couldn’t fight the stress in life.
For those of you who didn’t believe us,
Listen to my words for you, listen to your children sing to you.


Last year I borrowed City High’s self-titled album, and only album, from my friend Chase (and never gave it back).  I don’t understand why they didn’t have more hits. They wrote about important issues as well as problems happening in the city, but I guess the world isn’t too interested in what matters. (This is an obvious misconception, but true in some cases). Sex sells millions. If you took notice, their two bigger hits, “What Would You Do?” and “Carmel”, deal with sex in some way.

Sometimes the underlying ideas of songs are veiled by what the public wants to hear.

The woman in the group, Claudette Ortiz, dated both of the men in the group at different times, leading to the break up of the group. She was dating Robby Pardlo in 2003, but soon broke up with him and later married Ryan Toby in 2004.

I wonder what they could have produced…

Photo Credit: City High


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