Your debauchery disgusts me (a.k.a. seven months)

Dedicated to people who are not ignorant, but knowing and true.

I have a Tumblr account. I check the dashboard a few times daily primarily to see if people I follow have posted any rare photos of Michael Jackson.

Lately, I’ve been disgusted with what people say. There is a time to be sexual and expressive and a time to not be. Classy sexiness is much more wholesome than what certain people find appropriate. I do like sexuality, but sometimes people take advantage of its beauty, thus debauchery.

If these “fans” (who, mind you, began liking Michael after his death) knew anything about Michael, they would not be indulging in such comments. Of course Michael was sexual and loved crafting it in different art forms, but he was not inappropriate in my opinion. He despised that. I’m not claiming sainthood; I’m making it understood that people should not make comments if they do not know the ideals.

Not only did the immaturity irritate me, but then I discovered these “fans” began liking him after he died! They take pictures of their memorabilia from the last seven months, most of which was published after he died. I don’t want to say I’m better because I possess LPs, singles and vintage memorabilia. However, I wonder what these people thought of Michael before. Did they make snide remarks? Did they even understand his music and artistry? I have my doubts.

My friend Ping is the only other person whose interest of Michael I trust.

(This post may seem a bit off color. I’m sorry for the confusion. There are a few values in my life I will defend forever. If people did their homework before they spoke, ignorance could be avoided.)

I may delete my Tumblr account soon.

On the set of "Leave Me Alone"

Photo Credit: Set


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