Hope for Haiti Now

Dedicated to the people of Haiti and all those effected.

As I sit down to watch the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, I cannot fathom the devastation.

Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris just got finished singing a beautiful arrangement of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Coincidentally, I heard the Jeff Buckley cover, my personal favorite, in my yoga class today during our cool down. The performance tonight was very powerful, a very different arrangement with two-part harmony. The various musical performances were heart-wrenching and hopeful. Two Haitian artists (including Wyclef) performed in honor of their country. Music of the telethon is now available to pre-order on iTunes, sending 100% of profits to Haiti.

I’ve been going in and out of tears since the telethon started: shots of Haitians as well as the panel of celebrity call receivers. I do not believe celebrities help with these sort of events for high publicity. It’s easy for me to believe they care just as much as any other human being. Again, I feel guilty for crying over people I’ve never met, but I cannot help it. What they are going through is more than I will probably come across in my lifetime. I get upset over minor inconveniences that aren’t worth the wining, while these people have been suffering for the last week and a half. People are still being rescued, thus showing immense physical and emotional strength throughout the Haiti nation.

It makes me smile to know that just about every organization taking donations is donating 100% of the profits to the people of Haiti. I hope everyone can find a way to help, even if it’s one dollar. My parents are donating money to our church’s collection this coming Sunday. Last year my mom urged me to do volunteer work during spring break, because I was staying in Memphis with nothing to do. I ended up staying at my boyfriend’s house. I’d like to offer any help I can during Penn State’s spring break this semester. If that means leaving the United States, I’m there.

P.S. I apologize for the frequent switch in tense throughout this post. It deals with my emotions and thoughts during and after the telethon.

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