HIMYM Musicality

Dedicated to Jess Arruda and Eryn Spangler, my fellow HIMYM-obsessed friends.

Jess Arruda introduced the sitcom How I Met Your Mother to me just three short years ago. I am now just as obsessed as she is :D. Click here to read a post from my other blog to fill you in on the background of the show. Today, I just want to show you the fabulous, hilarious music these talented actors and actresses have produced thus far.

“Let’s Go to the Mall” by Robin Sparkles (a.k.a Cobie Smulders):

This video was revealed during an episode when Barney and Marshall were (slap) betting on why Robin hates going to malls. It turns out that she was a teenage pop star in Canada during her youth!

“You Just Got Slapped” by Marshall Erickson (a.k.a. Jason Segel):

Because Marshall won the slap bet about Robin, he earned the right to slap Barney five times throughout eternity. After his second slap (during the “Slapsgiving” episode), he played this song for his and Lily’s Thanksgiving dinner guests. (The footage shown during the show was not this video. This is a separate music video Jason Segel made.)

“Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” by Barney Stinson (a.k.a. Neil Patrick Harris) and rest of cast:

On January 11th, 2009, the 100th episode of HIMYM finally aired! The team of writers, actors and producers wanted the show to be a doozy (!) so they crafted this song for Neil’s voice in a broadway musical style. Well done, gang!

The main actors “singing” the HIMYM theme song:

This is from a blooper reel on one of the DVD season box sets. Of course, the singing sounds terrible here, but it shows just a glimpse of the fun this cast has on set. 🙂


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