Dedicated to the band room rats.

Webradio services are becoming more and more popular as the price of music increases. Seldom do I listen to the car radio or webradio, but with the ease of Musicovery, I may start.

In either 11th or 12th grade my band director showed this site to a few of us who were constantly flocking to his office. It became quite a trend among us. I used it primarily for 50s music, as that was my interest at that time.

Pandora is convenient for people interested in networking a bit or listening to a specific musician. Musicovery allows the same benefits, but was created as a means for discovering music. Upon entering the site, select a genre (or several), a mood (dark, energetic, positive, or calm) and an era. One can easily put a song in the “favorites” category or just as easily buy the song from Amazon, iTunes, or Ebay. There is even a button to discovery less popular songs. The only set back of this site is that one cannot switch songs without a premium membership. Otherwise, lovely.

I am listening to 90s folk as I write this. There are songs and artists on here that I never heard, but find a fond interest in.

If you’re interested in new music, less popular tunes or popular tunes, definitely drop by this site. Every genre imaginable is displayed to create a visually pleasing map of songs.

Photo Credit: Musicovery


One response to “Musicovery

  1. I use Pandora but I’ve never heard of Musicovery…I might needs to try this here….

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