Only Love.

Dedicated to Lucy. Your old eyes compare to mine.

Part of me thinks I’d have participated in protests and rallies in the 60s. Music for the cause always had an effect on me. I NEED to join some type of peace organization before my days are up. It’s my goal.

There is a number of young people today who share my same ideals, but less and less are acting on their beliefs. During the Vietnam War, young people across the globe were acting out. Today, not so much. Maybe that has something to do with the economy (although the economy wasn’t ship-shape back then either) or maybe we’ve lost the determination to evolve. (I’m sure people in Dover don’t even want to hear the world evolve.)

I’d heard Marvin Gaye long before Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was released, but I’m not sure I knew who he was at just nine years of age. Somewhere around 5th or 6th grade is when I began exploring my parents’ music. I became enamored with Motown and artists in the sister studios, Gordy and Tamla. I knew nothing more about Marvin Gaye than the fact he sang “Let’s Get It On” and “What’s Goin’ On”.

“What’s Goin’ On” is the anthem for my thoughts on our world. It doesn’t matter if the current war is dime-sized; There is always injustice and hate being promoted in various parts of the world. That needs to change.

My mom told me last night that my cousins live in the projects of Baltimore. My cousin’s friend was shot getting off the school bus last year…

A few days ago I was discussing my future goals with an old friend and a new friend. “Wow, you’re out to change the world aren’t you?” said the new friend. I smiled because no one had ever described me that way before. Somebody understands my passion.

Photo Credit: What’s Goin’ On


2 responses to “Only Love.

  1. …and now more people who may not know you will understand a bit of your passion thanks to your blog. I’m a number of years your senior and I find it interesting and a bit sad I suppose when I hear you and other younger people lament the lack of compassion and vision your generation seems to be experiencing. The way I’ve come to see it, this is ‘par for the course’ in every generation! We all, individually and collectively, must pass through this feeling, this global sense that things are not what they should or could be and we along with our peers need to step to it.

    If you can be inspired by the brilliance that was and still is Marvin Gaye, don’t let that go, let that be your springboard, or at least one of them! By holding tight to what you have a passion for, the Universe will find ways to connect you with people and opportunities to make that passion become your ‘battle cry’… and your success story.
    …I understand your passion and wish you the very best in making it real.

  2. The world is in poor shape. It only has it’s good side photo moments every once in a while and they don’t last long and not everyone gets to see the photo. Music is a powerful creature. I don’t know if you know about this or not but there is something known as sacred geometry which is used to build ancient structures and things like mandalas, labyrinths, the swastika the taijitu and the flower of life and is the underlying figure is cosmology. Another thing that is attributed to sacred geometry is music. Pythagoras discovered it in this regard who found out things like, a string stoped HALFWAY along its length produced an OCTAVE while a ratio of 3/2 made a fifth interval and 4/3 created a fourth. Pythagoras claimed that this gave music powers of healing because it could harmonize the out of balance body. The study of cymatics is involved in this as well. So, music definitely has a magic to it and since nowadays the music is produced through a machine and is the same kits and beats with voices being filtered through those vocalizers things or whatever the power of true music from the heart is dying and its all becoming about money and greed, solely a product to sell to the masses in order to market a trend. That’s the problem with music, economy took it over and chained it’s freedom. I typically think about THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US when I think of such things. That or SOON COME by Asheru or ONE by Immortal Technique. Yeah, I’m a little ecletic. But keep fighting.

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