“Two days after Christmas”

Dedicated to my birthday!

Whenever anyone asks when my birthday is I always say, “Two days after Christmas.” 🙂 It’s become tradition.

My dad’s family is coming over today! And a few of my best friends are coming tonight : ))). I cannot wait! I haven’t seen my friends in foreeeeeeever! My mom made two cakes (!), one for the family and one with Michael Jackson feet for friends. I’ll bring pictures soon, via my new camera!

I am currently listening to Susan Tedeschi’s most recent album Back to the River. I ended up giving it to my dad for Christmas. Here’s an excerpt from the song “People”:

People, People
Don’t you know you have a voice?
People, People
Don’t you know you have a choice?

TV screens and corrupt magazines,
Man on the radio
Says he knows what you need.
Planting seeds that just mislead
Can’t be taken back.
You watch them grow and then you’ll know
How much you’ve been lead.
Oh how can you say there’s nothing wrong,
when it’s gone on too long?

I have a soft spot in my soul for lyrics that raise social questions. Awareness is very important to me.

For Christmas this year I got possibly the best material gift I’ve ever received: The Official Michael Jackson Opus. It’s over 400 pages of pictures, words, tributes and memories. It weighs about 3,000 pounds and can only be touched with gloves (although it came with only one glove, for obvious reasons). It’s divine and heartwarming and what I needed this year. Thanks mom and dad.

I also received Ben Harper’s first album Welcome to the Cruel World. : ))))))))) Enough said.

Photo Credit: birthday muffin


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