Dedicated to my stubbornness.

The new reality talent show, “Sing Off”, had its finale Tuesday night. I HATE reality shows, even American Idol. My mom practically made me watch this episode. As I unpacked my bags from school, I listened to the TV…

Smokey Robinson and one of the competing groups was the first act I saw. Smokey is a king, but it looked like he may have been lip syncing. However, I wouldn’t judge an artist on this because many great musicians do so. Other performers included Boyz2Men and Ben folds.

The performer who caught my eye was Bobby Mcferrin. I’ve heard his name here and there, but never actually listened to him. W.O.W.

His ability to sing every instrument with his voice is ridiculous; his range is also amazing.

Here’s an old video from a concert. I’m not sure when it was, but by the looks of the quality and outfits, possibly 70s or early 80s:

This man is a vocal genius.

Stay tuned for talk about Al Jarreau, popular jazz singer and unique vocalist.


One response to “SURPRISE!

  1. Yes, Mcferrin is boss. You should know this fact of life and continue to respect it. He is so looked over in our generation and he really should gain more respect as an artist and as a vocalist and performer.

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