Starbucks “Pick of the Week”

Dedicated to my Aunt Dee Dee for telling me about this discovery.

An earlier "Pick of the Week"

When one enters a Starbucks, music is always swirling. Calming sounds generate through the speakers as various CDs sit atop a rack, waiting for purchase. Starbucks supports indies and popular artists alike. The coffee chain also offers free “Pick of the Week” songs via iTunes redeemable code.

I am not an avid Starbucks drinker, but I did manage to redeem a few pretty incredible songs thanks to its “Pick of the Week” codes.

The current “Pick of the Week” special features 20 new songs from musicians I have never heard (aside from Sting and Moby). Most of them are indies. The special only lasts until January 31, so do not wait too long!

A few of the songs on the list:

  • “Neverends” by Vijay Kishore
  • “Melody” by Kate Earl
  • “Leap” by The Cave Singers
  • “Janaina” by Otto
  • “I Am Not a Farmer” by Bill Frisell
  • “A Few Honest Words” by Ben Sollee

There is an array of alternative, acoustic, jazz, electronica, soul, R&B and world music included on this list. I encourage anyone who enjoys new, undisguised music to definitely take a listen!

Here’s the link — “Pick of the Week”

Enjoy your legal digital download! 😉

Photo Credit: Pick

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