Introducing Mom Jeans

Dedicated to Danny Masterson, the renaissance man.

DJ Mom Jeans is known to many as Danny Masterson, the aloof toker from That 70s Show. However, he is much more artistic than many people know.

He’s been acting and modeling since age four. Recently, he’s starred in two independent films, The Brooklyn Heist and Made for Each Other, both of which he helped to produce.

He started deejaying in 1999 around Hollywood and never looked back. The blend of hip-hop, techno, indie rock and funk makes his sound irresistible.

DJ Mom Jeans’ site currently says an album will be released sometime in 2009, but this year is quickly coming to an end, so stay tuned! As far as listening goes, his site offers a few show videos and of course Youtube offers a few as well.

The song playing when one visits his site is a remix of “In a Cave” by Tokyo Police Club. I find myself keeping the site open to specifically listen to the techno beat several times.

Keep your ears and eyes open for this man. He’s played all around the world on various occasions. Your city might be next!

Photo Credit: Mom Jeans


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