Crazy Swayze

Dedicated to my Gram. Dirty Dancing is her favorite movie of all time. 🙂

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi did an interview with Barbara Walters in January 2009 about Swayze’s pancreatic cancer. He seemed spritely, ready to take on the world moreso than ever. Just nine months later, the disease got the best of him.

I discovered this video about a month ago, and now I remember why I put it in my favorites:

During the interview, the couple talked about the love they had been sharing since 1970 when they met. They eventually married in 1975 and had been together ever since.

Thanks to Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze is a household name. (Although, he had done multiple films before then.) For the majority of the film, he wasn’t acting as much as people thought. His mother taught dance. He became very interested at a young age, going on to attend two ballet schools.

This renaissance man has done it all: acting, dancing, singing, gymnastics, ice skating, and more.

The part of the interview I found the most moving was that he was still pushing. He was focused on his new show “The Beast”, very aware of his illness, but also very determined to live.

I wish people who didn’t have illnesses could find that same determination and desire to live.


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