Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dedicated to my Dad. 🙂

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and for the first time in 19 years, I won’t be able to see him. Grrrrr…finals…

Last Christmas with the girls

When I think of the music Dad likes, three subjects come to mind: U2’s Joshua Tree, the blues, and “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina.

Joshua Tree is not only my father’s favorite album, but also our family anthem. Each time we travel by car, my mom automatically puts the album into the CD lineup.

It’s never questioned as we all sing each lyric word for word. I’m not sure how this became our family’s favorite, but I can’t remember a time when we didn’t listen to it in the car. Both my parents, and my sister and I have unique tastes in music. However, this album never fails to create a bond.

(My sister’s friends and my friends can tell you how Dad will sing and dance to this album on the way to the beach. It’s like he comes alive during that 50 minutes of music.)

He’s never had the greatest singing voice or rhythm, but I can’t hold back a smile whenever I hear and see him in his element.

Dad has always been very in tune with the blues. Some genres just touch people.

Whenever my parents come to Memphis, we make a tradition of going to Beale St. Both of my parents love the raw music created there, and truthfully, I do too. I never experienced it much when I was here for school, but it is captivating and I will miss it dearly.

My parents and I went to the Beale St. Festival last May. Dad and I agreed that Susan Tedeschi was our favorite show, but I remember him going back to the “blues tent” a few times on his own, just to sit and enjoy.

I think he feels at home in the blues.

“Danny’s Song” is a story about Kenny Loggins’ brother, who became a father at a young age during college. It does not directly relate to my father in any way.

We listened to this song in the car one time, just he and I. He started singing almost word for word. Being surprised by someone’s song knowledge is almost breathtaking. I love finding that bridge between people.

I always associate that song with Dad whenever I hear it, solely because of that one moment.

Have a great birthday, Dad!!!! I’ll see you in a week. 🙂

P.S. Today is also Jermaine Jackson’s birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday, brother!

Photo Credit: U2,The Blues, Danny’s Song


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