“Do what you love…”

Dedicated to the numerous panels of speakers I listened to during my Mass Communication class this semester. They always encouraged us to, “do what you love and happiness will follow.”

I LOVE Little Miss Sunshine. I bought this movie when I had the flu two months ago and proceeded to watch it about five times during the illness. I popped it in today and suddenly felt overwhelmed with inspiration. That movie makes me believe I can do anything I want as long as I’m doing what I love and being who I am.

Here is the music video of “Till the End of Time” by Devotchka, a tune from the soundtrack and the song I always associate with the flick:

And everybody knows where this is heading,
Forgive me for forgetting.
Our hearts irrevocably combined,
Star-crossed souls slow dancing,
Retreating and advancing,
Across the sky until the end of time.

Oh, who put all those cares inside your head.
You can’t live your life on your deathbed.
And it’s been such a lovely day.
Let’s not let it end this way.

This inspires me to live. The end of the semester is always a lazy time for me, a time when I thrive on little inspirations such as a song, a movie, a speech, a simple “hello”, or a hug.

I reiterate Michael Jackson a lot because I get a lot of inspiration from him. On Tumblr somebody posted this lyric quote of his:

Stop existing, and start living.” from “Heal the World”

It’s not enough to have passions. We must act on them.
I’ve been a sloth this semester, just hanging around. When I move back to Pennsylvania in a week, I plan to actually start living.


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