Doug Funnie or Michael Jackson?

Dedicated to 90s Nickelodeon cartoons.

What an epic afternoon! Nick Bailey and I were doing what we usually do: sending Youtube videos or other amazing links to each other via iChat. Nick always lifts my mood :).

A while ago I had bookmarked the video “Bangin’ on a Trash Can” from the early 90s cartoon Doug. I rediscovered it today and sent it to Nick:

This video parodies Michael Jackson in various ways:

  1. Doug is dressed as Jackson is in his “Bad” video.
  2. At :30 seconds Doug jumps into a scene very much like a scene in”Black or White”.
  3. At :42 seconds the scene of morphing faces is directly parodied from “Black or White”.
  4. The entire premise of banging on a trash can is much like the end of the “Black or White” video where Jackson is releasing his emotions through vandalizing.

The “Bangin’ on a Trash Can” video premiered on Doug in the 1993 episode “Doug’s Garage Band”, just two years after Michael Jackson released the short film for “Black or White”. Doug Funnie is epic : Michael Jackson is epic.

It’s nice to see a parody of Michael Jackson that isn’t rude.

I miss shows like Doug, 90s Nickelodeon cartoons. Animated shows have really changed since the days of Ahhh! Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Rugrats. These shows were loved by children and adults. What a wide demographic!

Doug also featured a band named The Beets, a direct reference to The Beatles. Some of their hits include “Killer Tofu”, “I Need Mo’ Allowance”, “Where’s My Sock?”, and “You Gotta Shout Your Lungs Out.” Each time the band was on the show the members talked with British accents :).

Bravo, Nick. I miss the old shows!

Photo Credit: The Beets


One response to “Doug Funnie or Michael Jackson?

  1. I think that in addition to the shows you mentioned, both The Angry Beavers and Hey Arnold are also awesome 90’s TV shows 😀
    ps. I always had a Beets song stuck in my head when I was little haha

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