Horrible Singers; Popularity Contests

Dedicated to all the altos who bit their tongues yesterday.

(I will refrain from using names, places, etc.)

Let me just say I’m rather disturbed by the soloist my school’s choir is backing. We’ve been practicing with her since Wednesday and still have one more concert tonight.

During a song titled “Sweet Baby Jesus”, she was flirting with the conductor. That embarrassed me. She showed no knowledge of the proper vocal style she was attempting. This woman is a diva with an ugly vocal style. It’s unfortunate that people like her can get work as a vocalist while there are countless shy and modest singers who could tramp on this woman’s voice.

She proceeded to speak over the conductor and our choir’s director during rehearsals. A fellow alto said, “It’s like she has a seven inch heel digging into his manhood.” These conductors let her boss them around because she’s getting paid! —Nausea.

I’ve often felt that much of the popular music today is commercialized. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I do not like Taylor Swift’s music. Sorry. Sue me. I’m entitled to my opinion about someone who keeps winning awards she doesn’t deserve. This is the reason I crave old music and indie music. I feel it’s okay to like old music that was once popular because independent labels and artists were seldom seen or they are appreciated just as much by today’s crowd.

It’s also the reason I decided to change my major from Music Industry to Journalism. Both professions can be very dark. Right now I decided to work on my writing skills. When I transfer schools I’ll be required to minor in another field outside of Communication, thus, choosing Entrepreneurship as a minor. In a previous post I wrote about my dream of opening a record/coffee/knickknack shop. Entrepreneurship will help immensely with that dream and if I ever decide to branch into the music industry, I’ll have appropriate skills from my major and minor.

(Oh, and I do not like American Idol. It’s usually a popularity contest of unqualified singers. Again, sorry to offend anyone, but that is my view. Humans love the underdog stories. I know amazing vocalists who have studied for years who will probably struggle to find work as well, but I hope none of them would succumb to going on this show. It’s a reality show.”)

Just a word for the wise: don’t get sucked into popularity in any aspects of your life. Be humble and true and the rest will dissolve.

Photo Credit: Simon


3 responses to “Horrible Singers; Popularity Contests

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. I will be one of those struggling singers just because I’m modest and overweight. It’s all about image. That lady was a diva and she was extremely rude…it would be different if she were a TALENTED diva…that’s how Kathleen Battle gets away with all the shit she’s pulled…she’s good. This lady was not. I could’ve sang that damn baby Jesus song better than her! 🙂 lol.

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