Birds on The Wires

Dedicated to songs derived in nature.

The reason I use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and WordPress (and now GoogleWave, thanks to Nick Bailey!) are to stay connected with friends and make new friends through networking. Networking is a highly essential skill needed in this business world.

I am currently following Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore on Twitter. I was skeptical at first because there is no purpose for me to follow two celebrities, but as I read more of their tweets I was surprised and inspired by their normality. Ashton focuses on posting Youtube videos he finds comedic, inspiring, or just plain unique. Demi is currently promoting her new perfume WANTED and asking all Youtubers to upload a video telling everyone what they want in a man or woman.

The couple constantly communicates back and forth through retweeting, which I find hilarious because I can only picture them sitting in the same room on their laptops, laughing with each tweet. Late last night they were almost simultaneously posting a link. I had to find out what it was!

The following is a video a man made based on a picture he saw in a newspaper. (This can also be described in the description for the video on Youtube.)

The filmmaker/songwriter saw a staff and notes in the picture of the birds on the wires. He published the song, but the birds were the true songwriters, as they are the notes. Thank goodness for nature’s creativity :).

Music is everywhere! What is the song your birds are creating?

Photo Credit: The Birds


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