Just Smile

Dedicated to the pioneers of film.

To think humans were once entertained by silent films…
Today, I doubt much of the population would be interested them. Although sound by way of music played during silent films, 70 years later people thrive on conversation.

In the early 20th century, much of the news came from the radio, but radio was also a source for radio shows and music. Today, everything on television is seen AND heard through conversation (except music videos). This era is accustomed to a certain type of entertainment.

Clip from “Modern Times”, a popular Charlie Chaplin silent film:

Personally, I like the element of ambiguity in silent films. Each viewer can interpret in a slightly different way, expanding creativity and thought during films — a rare occurrence today.

Disclaimer: Not all entertainment is only visual and conversational today. Ballet and other forms of art are traditionally performed solely to music.


One response to “Just Smile

  1. I love this post, awesome points that I have thought on myself. I absolutely love Chaplin! I purchased a box set of his films after viewing the movie Chaplain starring Robert Downey Jr. and you would not believe the creativity and ingenuity it took to produce these films! I think, as with the study of ourselves, in order to fully understand and create film, one must start at the beginning. I hope my own foray into film making will be better because of my study of early films

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