Turkey for me, and Turkey for you!

A 1927 helium balloon, the first year balloons were used.

Dedicated to my family.

Like many people across the globe, I’m currently watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I was excited to see a Spongebob balloon celebrating its 10th anniversary, various Broadway musical excerpts, the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and the cast of Sesame Street happily celebrating its 40th anniversary. This is a tradition 85 years in the making.

Our family usually leaves for my Gram’s house – the holiday gathering place for the Long family – on Thanksgiving morning to beat the traffic of the night before. I distinctly recall watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my sister on Thanksgiving Day morning while my parents rush around packing the car. My sister used to be a ballerina and as a child, I always hoped she would become a Rockette someday. And of course, I wished to sing in the parade.

Thanksgiving always makes me think of the Adam Sandler song “The Thanksgiving Song”. The SNL star used to perform his own holiday inspired songs on Saturday Night. Among his hits were “The Chanukah Song”, “Lunch Lady Land”, and “The Mother’s Day Song”. My friend Jenna used to sing “The Thanksgiving Song” as her and my friend Brandy exchanged stuffing :).

RCMH Rockettes kick off "Christmas in August 2009"

RCMH Rockettes kick off "Christmas in August 2009"

I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in two years. (My parents and I are trying to save money by not flying.) This year I’m celebrating by watching the parade in my empty apartment, patiently waiting for my friend Rico to eat my attempt at a Turkey dinner later tonight. Last year I traveled to Smithville, Tn with my friend Chase. His family was very inviting, but it was different than being with my own family. Everyone is biased to his or her own traditions and food for Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone  a wonderful Turkey Day! May you eat wonderful food, share family traditions, and fall asleep watching football! 🙂

Photo Credit: Fish Balloon, Rockettes


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