StumbleUpon this

Dedicated to the unmentionable person who showed me this application.

Last semester I was conned into downloading Firefox solely to use the StumbleUpon application. The application adds a toolbar to the Firefox browser allowing you to “stumble upon” sites that may be of interest to you. Basically, this application serves as a misuser of time in regards to top priorities. It’s easy to reach out and click a button rather than finish homework.

However, StumbleUpon led me to very enlightening sites, videos and unknown music. There are website styles and layouts out there I had never seen.

Here are two of my favorite indie music Youtube finds:

Oren Lavie, singer/songwriter, director and children’s author, composed around 3225 photo stills with the help of others to compose this video of “Her Morning Elegance”. It’s unique and ingenious.

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip used repetition to express strong opinions in this unconventional video of “Thou Shalt Always Kill”. I found myself singing repetitively.

I have since stopped using StumbleUpon because I prefer using Safari. It’s much easier to keep favorites and bookmarks on one browser because of convenience. If you are an avid Firefox user, by all means, download StumbleUpon, but beware of wasting precious time.


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