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Dedicated to indie musicians.

I hung out with some new people tonight who inspired me to dive into hip-hop a little deeper. I went to a mixtape release party for Young Tres & DJ Spaceage‘s new album The Art of Dreaming with my good friend Nick Bailey at R.sole, a fly shoe store. These are true Memphis musicians. Freestyling in the parking lot made the night.

Mainstream is overplayed and fabricated, but indie hip-hop is real and raw. A lot of indie genres are like this as well. There is a certain realness to indie music because these musicians aren’t afraid. Being in the spotlight makes people more hesitant to release music because of the threat of failure in this harsh industry.

The following is a video of Kid Cudi on David Letterman performing “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Tres artwork

2 responses to “Hip, Hip-Hop, Hiphopanonymous

  1. i find that i can listen to just about anything, but at the end of the day, i crave indie music. there is just something about the music that i connect with very personally. over the summer i worked with a guy who could freestyle for ten minutes without missing a beat. gotta say im more open to rap after listening to him.

  2. I hear ya. These guys were freestyling off and on for about 30 minutes. I wish I could be that creative every two seconds!

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