Cruel Devil

Dedicated to Bill Lee, the singing voice of Roger Radcliff.

Despite Walt Disney’s anti-Semitic views, he knew exactly how to capture the hearts of young and old. The early Disney animation films are unlike the Disney Renaissance films (1989-1999). There was a higher focus on story line rather than theatrical music numbers, but the composers did not skimp on the scores.

The background animation in each scene is unchanging. The sets almost look like sketches with color. They are not very prominent compared to the characters’ movement, which makes the characters the main focus in the scenes. I think this style is genius. It’s simple and almost personal, inviting.

After I flew home to Pennsylvania for Christmas break last year, my mom and I stopped at Five Guys because I hadn’t been there in months. (No Five Guys in Memphis…) As usual, we started to discuss music. The only musical topic I remember vividly discussing was 101 Dalmatians and Disney film scores. Emotional as always, my eyes swelled as I expressed my feelings for the 101 Dalmatians score. Everything from the jazzy overture to the “Kanine Krunchies” advertisement fits perfectly with the style of the film.

Bravo, Walt.


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