The one time MUTEing is acceptable.

Dedicated to my best friend for introducing this magic to me. đŸ™‚

My best friend, Eryn Spangler, was raving about the band Mute Math after she had the chance to see them in Pennsylvania about a month ago. She compared the lead vocalist to Freddy Mercury and explained that we have to see them when I come home.

On Oct 25 I had the opportunity to go to a soundcheck for a band I had rarely heard of prior: Mute Math. A benefit of being a Grammy U (or Recording Academy) member is that I am invited to sound checks every few months when a popular band or musician comes to town. I checked out the band a bit before going to the sound check, but didn’t expect what was to come
The sound check was short, but very sweet. The light and staging was electrifying. I, like the other students present, hoped Mute Math would give out a few free concert tickets. They did :).

Another member of the University of Memphis BlueTom Records, Stacy Kline, and I stayed downtown for the show that started a few hours later.

I had only known one of Mute Math’s songs, but I was pleasantly surprised by their musicianship and outstanding stage show. Their sound reminded me of Radiohead meshed with Coldplay: ambient and soothing. And, like Eryn had told me, the lead vocalist was very much comparable to Freddy Mercury, not only in talent, but in presence. Toward the end of the show, the band members heightened their act by running around, switching instruments, and doing handstands on pianos (such as the above concert). The drummer even stood on a bass drum as the audience held it up. Epic.

Mute Math is definitely a must see!

Photo Credit: Mute Math


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