Playing for Change

Dedicated to my mother for introducing this video to me.

“Playing for Change was born out of the idea that we have to inspire each other to come together as a human race. Music was the best way to do this,” said Mark Johnson, creator of the Playing for Change organization.

I was introduced to this organization by my mother, but she was unaware of the magnitude. She posted a video link on her Facebook page that featured local musicians from all over the globe singing “Stand By Me”, originally sung by Ben E. King. It was very inspiring as a musical piece, but like always, I needed to know more.

I searched for the video on, and subscribed to the user who posted the video. Through more searching, I found that the user had also uploaded three other similar videos. In the description box for the “Chanda Mama” video, I found the link Staff members and the faces I had seen in the videos were standing in front of a Playing for Change tour bus, smiling proudly.

This kind of organization is one that few people know about, but one that could deeply affect the world. The idea of peace has come a long way since liberal hippies danced about in San Francisco. People have a great power when they come together as a group. Sometimes I don’t believe this because of my views on organized religion, but there are organizations such as this that promote a universal idea to the world. Not all religions are universal, but peace is.

Among many other dreams I have for my life, I’d like to be a part of an organization such as this. I often contemplate going into the Peace Corps after I graduate college (a requirement). With knowledge of writing and music, and a passion for love and peace, I could shine. Combining all of my passions would be the ultimate career, giving me a most incredible high.

Check out the videos:

Stand By Me
\”Don\’t Worry\” <–My favorite! When Clarence Bekker and Tula harmonize from different parts of the world, it’s breathtaking.
Chanda Mama
One Love

Photo Credit: Playing For Change


One response to “Playing for Change

  1. Thanks for dedicating this one to me…I am honored. This video inspired me by showing that we are all connected to one another. Music really is the universal language.

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