3 months.

Dedicated to the fans.

It’s been three months since you-know-what happened.

Why am I constantly replaying that day in my head? Just when I think I’ve found my peace, my wondering mind gets the best of me. A clip of Ne-Yo’s “So You Can Cry” relates to my problem:

“And your tears won’t bring him back
I know you wish that it did
But it just don’t work like that
I know that healing takes time
Even your heart has a pace
But how much time are you gonna to take?
Too much would be a mistake”

This bridge makes me feel guilty. Although my eyes have been dry for a while, my insides are still wrestling with emotions. Anger. Sadness. Guilt. Love.

So much has happened since June 25th:

VMAs marketing

Madonna opened the 2009 VMAs with a speech about Michael Jackson. Choregraphers and dancers performed an outstanding tribute to the songs “Thriller”, “Bad”, and “Smooth Criminal”. Little sister Janet emerged onto a futuristic stage to perform “Scream” alongside Michael’s vocals and video footage. Janet refused to smile at the end of the performance, but she released this statement during the TV special The Making of Janet Jackson’s VMA Tribute Performance: “I know he was watching,” (Janet) Jackson said. “I know he was looking down. I hope he enjoyed it.”

The trailer for This Is It premiered at the very end of the 2009 VMAs. I can’t describe my excitement in words. Tickets go on sale September 27th.

Michael Jackson Opus has opened up a chance for all fans to contribute to the book. Fans around the world are encouraged to send in their photos, poems, art, words, and stories about Michael. The deadline is September 30th, so send in your work for a chance to have it printed in the Opus!

Janet tells Harper’s Bazaar how she is coping with the tragedy in her first interview since Michael’s death. The covershoot photos are also the first time I’ve seen her smile (or push a smile?) since June 25th.

Official Michael Jackson Exhibition will feature 9 different themed galleries with over 250 objects. The exhibition will be open from October 28th, 2009 through January 31st, 2010 at the O2 Arena in London.

Photo Credit: OpusJanet , Janet & Michael

P.S. A friend of mine is wearing a Michael Jackson shirt today. I asked him if he wore it because it’s been three months. He said, “No. Because it’s Michael.”



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