Dedicated to UofM University Singers director.

I was going to drop Unversity Singers choir this semester.

I finally had a schedule that allowed me to do Jazz Singers, so I didn’t feel I needed to waste my time with another choir. Free time would be plentiful and one less class is always helpful. The drop of one credit would not impact me too deeply.

On the second day of class I was certain that this would be my last day; I would tell Dr. Edwards I couldn’t fit it in and plus, I’m not a music major any longer. The first song we studied was “The Old Church” by Stephen Paulus, a warming tune, but nothing too spectacular in my eyes. The second song we studied was “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff, originally written for the 24-movement Carmina Burana. Dr. Edward explained that we had all heard this song in popular culture at some point in our lives. He was correct, but I never expected my connection.

“O Fortuna” is played during the beginning of Michael Jackson’s HIStory on Film Vol. 1 for the “Brace Yourself” teaser. I am still having trouble psychologically accepting his death. This song helps. I am not leaving choir.

This song and Dr. Edwards’s frequent encouragement are what keep me going. I never thought I was the person that needed to be reminded of why I love music, but I now accept that encouragement is healthy. It  is not a sign of weakness.

Photo Credit: Heart


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