Record. LP. Vinyl.

Dedicated to people searching for needles.

In the past few years I’ve become somewhat of a vinyl fanatic. I discovered my mom’s collection and grabbed a used turntable stereo to fulfil my obsession. Although it took us five months to locate a needle it was well worth the pain to lift the bugger! After playing around with the sound we realized the left speaker was out. :(. As any vinyl lover knows, the tracks are separate and usually play through different speakers. Some of the sound was lost. However, my mom and I continue to buy cheap used records at any chance we get. We are drawn to used records each time we enter an antique store.

Just the other day I gathered up two Hall & Oates LPs: Voices and Private Eyes. They are staring at me as a write this; they want to be played, but I have no turntable at school…

Tonight I went to Spin Street in Memphis to rummage with my friend Cameron. We hit the “new arrivals” used and then the jackpot when we found five boxes of “50 cents and up”. I managed to grab the following: Goin’ Back to Indiana by the Jackson Five, Eat a Peach by The Allman Brothers Band, Queen by Queen (debut album), Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid soundtrack by Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan, and Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan.

A few of the records are very scratched, but I only spent around $10.

I’m satisfied :).

Photo Credit: Records


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