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Dedicated to techno clubs and such.

I rarely buy songs from iTunes unless they are free or I have a gift card, but I happened to see this man on the home site and became instantly interested.

There’s something alluring in this simple album art that makes me want to listen to David Guetta. I had never heard his name in the past, but I had also never been very interested in house music or remixes. I changed my mind today.

Any site can provide Guetta’s life story as a French deejay. I’m only helping to promote his new album.

The single “One Love” attracted me when I read ‘Featuring Estelle.’ She is a unique vocalist with songs ranging from R&B, house, soul, and pop. She even manages to fit a few raps into her songs.

As always, purchasing music is the safest and most moral way to acquire music, but I know plenty of people that download illegally from various sites such as However, Guetta’s myspace is a great place to listen to his tunes whenever internet is available. I recommend “Choose” (Featuring Ne-Yo and Kelly Rowland) and/or “One Love” (Featuring Estelle) as a first listening. This music will cause an impulsive gyration for just about anyone, provided he or she has rhythm. 🙂

More House Music:

  • Daft Punk
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Basement Jaxx
  • Lemon Jelly

Photo Credit: David Guetta


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