“Gett Off” is off YouTube

Dedicated to any muscians who have scared or offended what the public “should” be listening to.

Ass-less pants at the 1991 Super Bowl

Ass-less pants at the 1991 Super Bowl

Annoyance struck me when I was searching for Prince’s “Gett Off” video on Youtube.com. Prince is aparently too raunchy for Youtube viewers! The video appeared with a different song playing over the original. What a buzz kill! I’m not sure how long the full video has been banned from the site, but the thought of Prince being banned made me chuckle. He’s always been a little perverted! Known for recording sensual songs with even sexier videos, Prince, has always found ways to shock the public.

It is a bummer when your favorite Prince song video cannot be played on various websites. I had to scrounge around until I found the one site that would allow viewing:

“Gett Off” video on AOL Music
Enjoy the scandelous video!

Kudos, Prince! It takes some real sexual energy to be banned from Youtube.com!

Photo Credit: Prince


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